Cohoes City Hall to reopen after tests for asbestos are negative

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Cohoes City Hall will reopen Thursday after tests for asbestos came back negative.

Mayor George Primean said the problem stems from a water main break early last month that left the basement of City Hall flooded, possibly dislodging the asbestos into the air.

But just because the City Hall offices closed, that doesn’t mean business slowed down. City officials had to get creative to get things done. Primeau says most employees will work out of the Cohoes Fire Department or Police Department until asbestos tests come back negative.

The Cohoes Fire Department welcomed city officials with open arms.

“When the boss calls you and tells you they are coming, there is no reaction. We all get along good here; they are really not an imposition,” said Fire Chief Joseph Fahd.

Mayor Primeau said the closure is more of a precaution as opposed to a necessity, but the possible consequences aren’t worth putting his employees at risk.

“It was a tough decision, it’s something I have to live with, and I will not sit there and have people in the building that could be exposed to asbestos, I can’t do it,” said Primeau.

Thanks to technology, city services won’t be slowed down.

“We can diversify, we’re all over the place. We can make city services work. The day of the computer, the day of the cell phone, it makes it all a little bit easier,” said Primeau.

Any necessary calls to City Hall can be made by calling (518)-233-2151.

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