Kitten survives RV explosion and bird attack, expected to survive

(Photo: KOMO)

BALLARD, W.A. (KOMO/ABC)– After being badly burned in a fire then attacked by scavenging birds, a young cat near Seattle has gone through at least two of her nine lives.

(Photo: KOMO)
(Photo: KOMO)

At just 5 months old, one resilient feline has already experienced a lifetime’s worth of pain. Dr. Jennifer Wallace, a veterinarian at Ballard Animal Hospital, spotted crows attacking the cat and rushed him to the animal hospital she works at to get help.

Dr. Wallace treated severe burns to young Memow’s face, tongue and paws. “He was in the middle of the road. There were a bunch of crows around him. His eyes were swollen shut. He couldn’t see. He was very helpless,” said Dr. Wallace.

In her 10 years of medicine, Dr. Wallace says she’s never seen a case quite like this. “This is probably one of the more disturbing, heart-wrenching, and intense medical cases,” Dr. Wallace said. “He’s getting better every day but he’s probably going to be in the hospital for maybe close to a month.”
(Photo: KOMO)
(Photo: KOMO)

Memow is believed to be the same cat seen running from an RV explosion caught on camera last week. The intense fire in Ballard left the RV’s owner without a home.

Charred debris and broken glass still remain at the scene of the RV fire. People who live and work nearby wonder what it’s going to take to clean things up. Scott Morehead who works across the street said, “The police have come by, nothing’s happened.” Morehead says motor homes constantly sit on the street here, violating city code that says they have to be moved every 72 hours. 

Just a block away, doctors worked around the clock to save Memow’s life. They’ve even turned to crowd funding to raise money. So far, they’ve collected almost $10,000 to help cover the cost of medical treatment and give Memow another life. Dr. Wallace said, “I know his owner loves him very much and we’d really like to send Memow back to him.”

(Photo: KOMO)
(Photo: KOMO)


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