Historical UFO case makes its way to Great Barrington museum

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. — The historical society in Great Barrington, Massachusetts is the first in US history to officially induct a UFO case into its collection.

The case stems from an encounter in 1969. Articles, testimony, results of a lie detector test and even a drawing by then Great Barrington resident Thomas Reed of what he saw now reside at the Great Barrington Historical Society and Museum.

Reed says he saw something quite unusual as a child in 1969. Other people made reports as well, and now that paper trail and other documents have been compiled.

“Massive amount of lights. There was nothing there just woods so we had no idea what it was,” said Reed.

Reed spoke with NEWS10 via skype from his Tennessee home about that evening in the car with his family near the old Sheffield Bridge. He said there was an eruption of crickets, it was loud, and he said that’s the last thing they remember in the car.

“Where were we, I can’t speak for that. I don’t know but we were no longer in the car and this was a huge hangar and if this was a football field I was on the five-yard line. Lights, doors opened and I saw somebody there,” he said.

Deborah Opperman, Director of the Great Barrington Historical Society has been compiling the records.

“It was tangible it was seen by others, it ran in a radio station, it was mentioned by the United Nations,” she said.

Reed says it hasn’t been easy talking about this, worried it would tarnish his dad’s political reputation.

But he says he thinks it’s credible and an interesting addition to the historical society.

The exhibit is expected to open this fall.

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