Local boy competing for adaptive bike

Click here to vote for Hunter.

SOUTH GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A little boy from South Glens Falls has a dream to ride a bike alongside his brothers, and with the help of others, that dream just may come true.

Hunter Ripley, 6, was born with cerebral palsy and needs a special bike to get around. And with just the click of a mouse or the tap of a smart phone, his dream could become a reality.

When Hunter was born, his parents didn’t know how long he would live.


“When he was born, they didn’t think he would make it,” Hunter’s mom Bekah Ripley said.

A troubled pregnancy led to brain damage when Hunter was born.

hunter 2

“Devastating. Devastating,” she said. “Because you don’t…you don’t wanna have to say goodbye to your child before you even know them. Sorry that was hard, but he has surpassed all odds.”

Some of those odds include feeding himself and playing with his younger brothers Garrett and Brock. But the next challenge Hunter wants to take on is riding a bike, which Bekah said he’s more than capable of doing.

A week ago, the Ripleys entered the nationwide contest, The Great Bike Giveaway. The contest requires people’s votes. The one with the most votes wins an adaptive bike.

hunter 3

Bekah said if Hunter won, it would change his life in a way she could never have imagined.

“I don’t even know that words can express it because what you want most for your child is acceptance and normalcy as much as possible,” she said. “Any parent wants that. Any of those kids will benefit from the bike. It’s just that I have a bigger soft spot for this one.”

Hunter is currently in sixth place, and only the winner is guaranteed a bike. Click here to vote for Hunter.

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