Father and son arrested after attack at Saratoga bar

SARATOGA, N.Y. – Police say a father and his son were arrested after they caused an intense scene at a bar in Saratoga.

Officers say on Saturday February 21 at 7p.m. they were called to The Putnam Den which is located on Putman St. When they arrived they located 2 victims of an assault that took place at the establishment a few minutes beforehand.

Police say a 22-year-old female customer at the bar and the 37-year-old male bartender called authorities to the scene.

Officials say the female had been at the bar alone when David MacFarland Jr., an acquaintance of the female, walked inside. That is when police say MacFarland Jr. started a verbal assault on the female and picked up a bar stool and threw it over the bar causing significant damage to the bar area.

The bartender then ordered MacFarland Jr. out of the bar, but he did not move.

McFarland Jr. continued to yell at the female, so the bartender approached him. MacFarland Jr. then attacked the bartender and the bartender tried to defend himself. At that point, MacFarland Jr.’s father stepped into the bar and went after the bartender as well.

Police say MacFarland Sr. yanked on the bartender’s arm which caused it to dislocate.

Both MacFarland Jr. and Sr. then left the bar with MacFarland Jr. physically pulling the female outside the bar along with them.

Once outside, a verbal exchange took place and the female victim was punched in the stomach by MacFarland Jr. He and his father then left the scene.

Police say they were able to find MacFarland Jr. and Sr. a short time later and took them into custody without incident.

The female sustained minor injuries from the attack. The bartender needed to be transported to Saratoga Hospital for emergency treatment.

Arraignment information is unavailable.

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