Stillwater businesses struggle under boil water advisory

STILLWATER, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Boil water advisories are in effect all over the Capital Region, and residents and businesses in the village and town of Stillwater have been dealing with numerous water main breaks for weeks.

Hudson Avenue has suffered seven of the eight water main breaks the Village of Stillwater has experienced so far in 2015. It’s been a headache for businesses located on the strip.

“Just like anybody else that worked that would have a headache,” Carrubba’s Pizza manager Brandon D’Ambro said. “Just another thing to throw in for the day.”

Stillwater is currently under its eighth boil water advisory since the end of January after the village’s eighth water main break.

stillwater frozen pipes

D’Ambro said the advisory forces costs to go up from making sauce to washing dishes because the shop has to use bottled water.

“Everything takes time,” he said. “So everybody  that orders anything that has to be done with water, it’s gonna take more time than it should.”

Mayor Ernie Martin said he understands the frustration, but he said there’s nothing the village can do.

“This is Mother Nature, and we have no control over it,” he said. “Nobody does.”

Martin said the Department of Health has run tests on the village’s water the last two days with results coming back negative each time. If a third round does the same on Wednesday morning, Stillwater will be allowed to use its water once again.

Even so, the mayor said more work may need to be done.

“When spring comes, we’ll take another look at the water lines in the village and see that there’s major infrastructure work that we can do to maybe help eliminate some of these next year,” Martin said.

Martin said while the constant breaks have taken a toll on Stillwater’s budget, the village has properly planned for these types of situations.

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