State police investigate dog attack in Pittsfield

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – A Pittsfield school teacher says she was attacked by three dogs last week suffering multiple wounds; Massachusetts State Police are now investigating the incident.

Mary Ringie says she was snowshoeing on a soccer field at Berkshire Community College on Wednesday when three dogs came towards her. The dogs were not on leashes.

Ringie says two of the dogs ran at her and started biting her repeatedly. The college says campus security and emergency personnel responded after she called the college.

“It was biting my right leg, jumped up at my face, and that’s why I put my arm up,” said Ringie. bite2

Ringie is also suffering from injuries to her back and legs. She says the dogs teeth got through two layers of clothing and her winter coat.  She says the dogs were with three women who left before she could get their information. bite3

“I was begging them to get the dogs off of me and just get them away… and they just left,” Ringie said.

Massachusetts State Police at the Cheshire Barracks are trying to identify those involved. Ringie says the dogs looked like a boxer pit-bull mix, one brown, one black and brown, and one white with a green reflective vest.

“I want someone to be worried about their children and their neighbors so we can find someone knows these owners,” said Ringie.

Anyone with information about these dogs or their owners is asked to call State Police.

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