Siena to take advantage of final two games

LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. – With the MAAC Tournament is just around the corner, there’s no way for the Siena men to claim a first round bye, but the Saints last two games are still meaningful.

First, if the Saints can move into sixth or seventh place, they can avoid top-seeded Iona College until the title tame if it comes to that. Plus, a team with momentum can be dangerous.

“Sometimes the most dangerous team’s going into the playoffs are sometimes not the best teams,” Javion Ogunyemi said. “They’re the best teams that finally come together and get wins.”

“I thought last year we got a lot of momentum, and then even though we lost go Canisius in a good game and that was positive,” head coach Jimmy Patsos said. “We used that to win five games in the CBI. Sure, but our energy level is pretty good.”

The Saints are back in action Friday night at Quinnipiac. Siena handled the Bobcats easily the first time around, but that was also the game Brett Bisping was injured.

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