Great Danes help raise money for local boy with childhood Alzheimer’s

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The UAlbany men’s basketball team dedicated its Friday night game to a Capital Region child battling a rare disease.

Friday night’s game against Hartford was dubbed “J.P. Honsinger night.”

J.P. is an 11-year old from Clifton Park battling Niemann-Pick type C disease, also known as childhood Alzheimer’s. The disease primarily strikes children before or during adolescence and is an inherited cholesterol metabolism disorder. 

Symptoms can include deterioration of memory and balance, lung and liver failure, delayed motor development, and seizures. There is no cure at this time.

J.P. loves sports, particularly basketball. In November 2014, he signed a national letter of intent with UAlbany and got to sit on the bench with the team. He is also actively involved with the UAlbany men’s lacrosse team serving as the team’s ball boy and water boy.

Friday night’s event included special admission tickets with proceeds going toward research for a cure to the disease.

“One of the things the Honsingers said to me that was very important is that they want to create as many memories as possible,” head coach Will Brown said. “So if I can help them create some memories, then let’s do it and let’s keep doing it.”

The first 3,000 fans received purple J.P. Honsinger UAlbany basketball t-shirt. All spectators were highly encouraged to wear purple in honor of the cause.


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