Peter Hooley’s family in Albany to watch him play

ALBANY, N.Y.  (NEWS10) – The family of University at Albany basketball player Peter Hooley spoke out on Friday following an emotional few weeks.

Peter had returned to his native Australia to be with his mother Sue during the final days of her battle with colon cancer. After her death, Peter returned to the basketball court with his family by his side.

Media was allowed ten minutes of questioning with the Hooley family on Friday.

Peter’s father Jeff started by saying the reason he and Peter’s twin sister Emma made the trip back to the U.S. with Peter was because Sue made him promise in her final days he would return with Peter to school to help him with the difficult transition.

“For him to go through what he did for the travel, for the emotion that he’d been through, we couldn’t allow him to say goodbye to his dad and to his sister again at the airport two or three days after because he needed to be back,” Jeff Hooley said. “He knew what needed to be done. He knew he had a team here and that he needed to be back. We originally planned to stay for two or three weeks. [We] wanted to see how he’s transition would go and what happens. He’s fitting in really well. We are really so thankful to the school, to his team, to his coach on the way they are making him feel at home.”

“It’s just awesome that we get to be here, and you know, watch him. It’s so far away,” Emma Hooley said. “I’ve been here so many times now. It just gets further and further every time I travel, but the fact that we get to watch from home even though it’s delayed. It’s awesome. We’re just blessed that we get to.”

Jeff and Emma will see Peter play one more time in person before heading back to Australia this weekend. The Great Danes will host Hartford Friday night at SEFCU Arena.

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