Dog fighting infection, may lose ear after alleged abuse

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local animal shelter says a dog allegedly set on fire is fighting infection and may lose an ear.

Officials say the dog is on antibiotics for infections from the burns, as well as pain medication to help her deal with the severe pain, but it looks like she is going to be okay. As for the two men arrested, both say they had nothing to do with this horrific incident, but police think differently.

Last Monday, Clifton Park State Police say 19-year-old Scott Cusson threw flammable liquid on a 9-month-old pit bull, Roxy and then lit her on fire with matches at owner, Edward Turner’s home at Twin Lake Apartments in Halfmoon.

Scott Cusson, 19 / Edward Turner, 19
Scott Cusson , 19 / Edward Turner, 19

Police say for two days Roxy suffered until Turner brought her to a local vet who called police.

Cusson is being charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals, and Turner is charged with failing to provide proper care. Roxy remains at the Saratoga County Animal Shelter where she is being treated for her injuries.

“She may lose the ear because some of the tissue is starting to die, and we can’t really get that back. It depends on how much that progresses, whether she’ll lose her ear or not,” said Deborah Oligny, Saratoga County Animal Shelter Supervisor. “When we do the treatments and clean it it’s not fun for her but we do need to do that and it is very painful.”

Both men say they had nothing to do with the act, with Turner saying he’s now being threatened by people online.

“I didn’t light my dog on fire. Scott lit my dog on fire,” Turner told NEWS10’s Lindsay Nielsen.

Turner says he was asleep when it happened and once he saw the burns, he didn’t have time or the resources to get Roxy help right away.

“So now I’m being blown up on Facebook, everyone’s doing threats towards me saying that I’m going to be lit on fire,” he told NEWS10.

Cusson says he was at the home when the incident happened, but that did not do it. He says police forced him into a confession, but maintains his innocence.

“I want people to know that I would never harm an animal. I’m an animal lover myself,” said Cusson. “I have no idea and I told the investigator that for four hours and they just kept telling me that this would be a lot easier if I gave them the information that they needed to hear.”

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