Albany FD practices mock drill with new equipment

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Albany fire fighters practiced a mock drill where a man was trapped under a large pipe in a building in Albany and there’s no way to get heavy equipment inside to help him.

Albany applied for and received a $150,000 grant from Homeland Security to buy equipment that would help in that situation. The fire department tested it out on Friday along with Troy firefighters and state emergency personnel.

The drill took place at the Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant. They treated it like a real emergency with some tough obstacles in the way.

So today we’re going to simulate that we have a confined space rescue going on in the plant, but in order to get to the plant, we’re going to come in from the parking garage underneath Sheridan Avenue through the tunnels that are there, go in, find the victim whose had a pipe fall on them,” Albany Fire Department Deputy Chief Joseph Toomey explained. “We’re gonna have to mitigate some issues with the pipe falling.”

During the drill, the firefighters reached the victim, got the pipe off him and safely got him out and to the hospital. Drills are a learning experience for everyone involved, so if the scenario really happens, first responders will be ready.

The equipment can also be shared with local departments.

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