Salem man aims to help low-income families, elderly, and disabled with chores

SALEM, N.Y. — A local man wants to give back to his community by helping the less fortunate.

Joe Allen, the owner of KiJo Property Management, has launched Operation LED, which is based in Salem, N.Y. and targets low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled.

Allen is doing it all himself, helping those who can’t afford certain services, like snow removal from driveways, roofs, and even chopping down and collecting firewood.

Joe Allen
Joe Allen

The man behind the organization says he was inspired to start the program for two reasons — after someone donated a snow blower to him, and also because of his unborn child, who he says will be disabled.

“My unborn baby daughter, she has no legs. It’s disabled and I want to show her that there are people out there that help people like that,” he said.

His daughter, Faith May, is due in June. Allen’s family has been very supportive of Operation LED which is still a fairly new organization. He says he’s been paying for the free services out of his own pocket and is looking to raise money to keep Operation LED going.

Joe Allen
Joe Allen

“If I can get where I want it to be with donations and that, I want to work full time for Operation LED,” he said.

He says he’d be willing to travel as far as Plattsburgh and Albany to assist people.

For the website on more info on Operation LED:


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