Authorities search for information after pedestrian hit, killed in Greenwich

GREENWICH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A section of State Route 29 in Greenwich was closed Thursday night as authorities investigated the death of a pedestrian.

Dispatchers with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said Shirley Coon, 81, was killed on the road Thursday evening in front of the Middle Falls Fire House.

Authorities say Coon was crossing the roadway with a friend on their way to bingo at the fire department. They were coming from a parking lot on the north side of SR 29.

NEWS10 ABC spoke with Coon’s nephew. He spoke about his aunt but did not want to be identified.

“She was a really good aunt and a good mother,” he said. “She had five kids.”

Evidence and witness accounts are consistent with a vehicle travelling eastbound towards the Village of Greenwich striking both women.

The friend was struck in the arm by what is believed to have been this vehicle’s passenger’s side mirror and sustained a minor injury to her arm. Coon was struck by what is believed to be the vehicle’s driver’s side headlight assembly. The collision threw Coon into the westbound lane where she was struck by another vehicle that was travelling westbound heading towards the village of Schuylerville.

This second vehicle stopped at the scene and the driver was interviewed. The first vehicle is believed to have stopped at the scene initially but then left the scene before they could be interviewed.

This first vehicle is believed to have sustained minor damage to the driver’s side headlight assembly and passenger’s side mirror. At this time, authorities have no further description.

The Sheriff’s Office says it appears the collision with the two pedestrians was unavoidable, but since the first driver’s identity is unknown they are asking them to come forward to give their account of the accident.

Coon’s nephew said he arrived on the scene just a minute after the accident. He declined to speak about it citing the ongoing investigation. But he did say she loved going to bingo and casinos and would often ride with a friend.

He also said there have been other accidents in the area.

“Over the years we’ve had a few incidents about it,” he said. “I know there’s been discussion with DOT with putting a crosswalk.”

The New York State Department of Transportation confirmed a request was made in 2007. A DOT spokesperson said in a statement: “We do not put crosswalks at non-intersection locations. We did add pedestrian warning signs.”

Coon’s nephew is now planning to make another request.

“Things have to happen for things to get done around here,” he said. “And, hopefully, something good can come of this. Is that we can get a crosswalk and some better lighting out there.”

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is requesting anyone who may have witnessed or may have information regarding the incident to contact Investigations at 518-746-2494 or 518-746-2475.

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