Pittsfield residents upset over road conditions

PITTSFILED, Mass. (NEWS10) – Several residents and council members are outraged at the condition of snow covered roads in Pittsfield.

The mayor said crews were working around the clock to fight the elements, but some council members think it’s not good enough. Council members said they received several e-mails and phone calls from residents about bad road conditions since the weekend snow fall.

pittsfield road

Three council members have since filed petitions asking city officials to explain the plowing, sanding and salting process.

“What we’re trying to do is get the message out to the public about what happened and what we’re going to do differently,” council member Barry Clairmont said.

On Thursday, main roads were in good condition but some side roads were still in need of work. Mayor Daniel Bianchi said crews were doing their best to keep up.

“It is probably one of the worst winters we’ve had in 40 or 50 years,” he said. “It certainly is the coldest winter that we’ve had in 75 years, and that exacerbates the problem.”

He said crews have been working around the clock.

“We had a significant snowfall that was followed by gusting winds that were sustained,” he explained. “So do you put down salt only to have it blown away?”

Council member John Krol said something needs to change.

“You get to a point where it’s six hours later, 12 hours later, and then ultimately, 24 and 30 and 36 hours later, and there’s still a problem,” he said. “To me, there was something that went fundamentally wrong.”

He called the roads a major public safety issue and gathered information that shows something was done wrong.

“When they did their first run through the roads were not treated, and by not doing that, it created a situation where the snow became matted down and essentially created an ice rink,” he said.

Bianchi said the city has already gone $250,000 over budget on snow costs and are currently waiting on more salt from Morton Salt which is backed up in deliveries at the Port of Albany.

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