Man arrested after alleged sexual abuse of Saratoga Hospital patient

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police arrested a Schenectady man after he allegedly sexually assaulted a hospital patient while she was asleep in her exam room.

Police were called to Saratoga Hospital around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday by hospital staff. Staff told police an incident had just occurred between two mental health patients.

Mainor Saravia was a mental health patient in the hospital when he entered the exam room of a 34-year-old female mental health patient, according to authorities. The woman was asleep and alone in her room when Saravia allegedly got into bed behind her without her knowing.

Mainor Saravia (Saratoga Springs PD)
Mainor Saravia (Saratoga Springs PD)

“Mr. Saravia snuck into the room and got into bed with the victim laying down behind her,” Robert Jillson with the Saratoga Springs Police Department said.

Police said the victim awoke when she felt Saravia touching her buttocks with his hands and attempting to pull her pajama bottoms down.

“This obviously startled her to where she screamed and ran out of the room,” Jillson said.

Police do not believe Saravia was in the bed for very long.

Once awake, the victim screamed out loud and left the exam room. Staff responded and found Saravia still in the victim’s room, police said. Hospital staff placed the victim in a different room while keeping the suspect in the bed until police arrived.

A hospital representative said workers were three minutes away from their regular scheduled check-ins with patients.

“They do those on staggered intervals,” Amy Raimo said. “So they are not necessarily at every 15 minutes for purposes just like that so that there isn’t a pattern like that that’s established.”

Raimo said staff will re-examine protocol after the incident.

“Staff, as with any incident like this that occurs, staff will go back and they will take a look at everything to see if there are opportunities to put different protocols in place or otherwise modify practices,” Raimo said.

Hospital officials said if they have prior history of anyone who may be a threat to themselves or another, a special care plan notification will alert staff, but they said they had no reason to believe Saravia was alarming in any way.

Saravia was arrested for felony sexual assault. He was arraigned and sent to the Saratoga County Jail on $5,000 cash/$10,000 bond.

Police said the victim was not injured, and the investigation is ongoing.

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