Lit candle causes fatal fire in Adams

ADAMS, M.A. (NEWS10) – Officials say a fatal fire that happened on Wednesday was started by a lit candle.

Fire Officials say the fire started in 88-year-old Eunice Hilaire’s room which is on the first floor of her home. They say remnants of a candle were found in the area of origin, leaving all other possible causes to be ruled out.

The fire department was notified of the fire by a life alert type system that included connection to a smoke alarm. Officials say the woman lived alone.

“On behalf of the citizens of Adams and the members of the fire department, I offer my deepest condolences to the family. Fire is a terrible way to lose a loved one.” He added, “We had to dig out the nearest hydrant but had sufficient water from the engine until the hydrant connection was made. If it had been a larger fire, digging out the hydrant might have caused a delay at a time when seconds count. If you are able to adopt a hydrant, the fire department and your neighbors would be grateful for your assistance,” said Adams Fire Chief, Paul Goyette.

The fire was jointly investigated by the Adams Fire Department, the Adams Police Department and State Police assigned to both the Office of the State Fire Marshal and to the Office of Berkshire District Attorney Capeless.

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