Amtrak passengers facing delays after winter storm

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) –  As another winter storm pummels the Northeast, travelers by train are facing a day of delays.

Amtrak’s northeast corridor is working off a modified schedule on Tuesday due to forecasted snow and extreme temperatures. Amtrak passengers on the 3:25 departure and 5:30 arrival Lake Shore line are instead taking charted buses to their destination.

“We’re still waiting for it,” traveler Cynthia Haq said. “It’s kind of annoying.”

Haq was ready to get back to New York City, but after waiting for more than an hour and a half, the quick getaway was proving anything but.

“It was frustrating, but it’s snowing a lot,” Haq said. “So it’s snowing a lot.”

Haq’s train was delayed due to the storm south of Albany. But travelers going to and from Boston on the Lake Shore line wouldn’t be boarding a train at all.

“Because of some equipment issues there we have had to replace the trains with bus service,” Amtrak spokesman Craig Schulz said.

Schulz said train 448 and 449 between Chicago and Boston was stuck frozen in the Boston Railyard which is why Amtrak substituted charter buster for the Boston to Albany leg.

“It’s been a rough winter no question,” Schulz said.

Despite services being disrupted and trains being delayed, Schulz said Amtrak works hard to get passengers where they need to be as safely as possible.

“If that means we don’t want to run the risk of stranding a train in extreme could, or in snow, that’s why we’ll modify the schedule,” he said.

While Haq admitted delays are no ideal, she said as long as she gets to her final destination, then it counts as a victory.

“As long as we get there, it’s fine,” she said. “As long as it’s in a day, it’s fine.”

The Lake Shore Limited line goes from Boston to Chicago and only the leg from Boston to Albany needed to take a charter bus. But even with the substituted buses, it was still running more than two hours behind.

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