Funeral services held Friday for child struck and killed in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. — Funeral services were held Friday for the four-year old boy who was struck and killed Thursday at an Albany intersection.

The funeral director at the Masjid As-Salam Mosque expected around 1,000 people of all denominations to come out in support of the Rahman family. They are from Bangladesh, and moved to the area fairly recently.

Ashiqur Rahman (Photo: Mizanur Rahman)
Ashiqur Rahman (Photo: Mizanur Rahman)

Community members, friends and family all tried to console the broken heart of four-year-old Ashiqur Rahman’s father, Mizanur Rahman, who told NEWS10 his wife was also injured in the accident.

The child was hit by a waste and recycling truck and killed Thursday while walking with his mother in the crosswalk at Quail Street and Central Avenue in Albany. On Friday, a group of men helped carry Ashiqur’s casket into the Masjid As-Salam Mosque where hundreds prayed for him.

Mizanur wanted to make clear today that his son and wife were doing the right thing holding hand’s while they had the go ahead to cross at the crosswalk, echoing what Albany Police have already confirmed via surveillance cameras.

“Thank you everyone for coming here. Thank you all the news. Thank you everyone. I lost my son,” he said through tears.

Ashiqur leaves behind his parents and a two-year old sister. He was laid to rest at a Muslim cemetery in North Greenbush.

The Rahman family wants more crossing guards at the intersection, and NEWS10 asked Mayor Kathy Sheehan if anything could be done differently.

“It’s just unfortunate that’s one of the intersections that has a walk sign it has a count down and you know we all need to slow down and be mindful. It’s really frustrating for many pedestrians when they’re walking and cars just keep turning and turning,” she said.

Father of boy killed at crosswalk cries in pain and speaks out after his son's funeral.
Father of boy killed at crosswalk cries in pain and speaks out after his son’s funeral.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Central Avenue and Quail Street in Albany. Ashiqur was taken to Albany Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased.

The trucking company said the boy jumped a snow bank into the road without warning.

Here is the full statement released by the company, ICS Waste and Recycling:

“Due to the incident that occurred this morning, ICS Waste and Recycling would like to issue a formal statement. I was informed early this morning that one of our drivers, Jim, struck a young child with his truck driving down Central Avenue. The child had jumped over a snowbank and out into the road without warning. We have received no information as to where the parents of the child were. We are cooperating fully with local law enforcement in order to fully investigate what occurred. The family of I.C.S would like to say that our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the child.” – Yasemin Ipek

Albany police, however, determined the boy and his mother were walking northbound on Central Avenue at Quail Street when they were struck by the vehicle. Police said the boy and his mother were holding hands and walking with the light within the crosswalk at the time of the incident.

“What we saw on our [surveillance] video is that the child was holding hands with his mom,” Albany police officer Steve Smith said. “They were walking with the light across Central Avenue northbound.”

Police said the driver of the garbage truck had a green light as he turned left from Quail Street onto Central Avenue, but the boy and his mother also had the green light to walk across the crosswalk.

Director of Communications for the City School District of Albany Ron Lesko confirmed the boy was a pre-K student at Philip J Schuyler Achievement Academy. Dr. Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard is the Albany City Schools Superintendent.

The school district mobilized its crisis team and met with students, staff and the boy’s family. People have also volunteered to cook meals for the family.

Police said no charges have been filed or tickets issued, but the investigation is ongoing.

Victory Christian Church is giving $1,000 to help the family of the tragic accident that happened right by the Victory Church on Quail Street. If anyone would like to help, they can call Victory Church at 518-434-6100. All funds will go directly to the family for the funeral and other expenses.


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