State Republicans want to eliminate impact of GEA

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Republican majority in the New York State Senate say a top priority this year is eliminating annual cuts in state aid to public schools.

State Senate Republicans want to use most of the $1.1 billion increase in education funding proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo to eliminate the impact of the gap elimination adjustment, or GEA, that was enacted in 2010 to help close state budget deficits.

“When we talk about rebuilding our economy and making New York State a better play to live and work – it all starts with education,” Senator George Amedore said. “And there is now better investment we can make than making sure our schools are properly funded.”

The governor’s proposed increase is tied to reforms for more stringent teacher evaluations. The Republicans say there’s no reason they can’t eliminate the GEA and have teacher evaluation reform.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the minority democrats said they offered an amendment in January to eliminate the adjustment but republicans voted it down.

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