Roofer offers tips on how to prevent ice dams on homes

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The ongoing snowfall means snow build up on roofs that could potentially cause ice dams, but one local roofer has offered tips on how to prevent any damage.

There has been so much ice and snow this season that Cady Clermont had to call in the professionals.

“You know what? It was too dangerous,” she said. “There was ice everywhere. They had to check four spots to put the actual ladder to make it safe. There was one that was almost touching the ground from our second story.”

Jim Fuller with Fuller Service stopped by Clermont’s home to break it all up.

“If you see icicles, you have an ice dam,” he said. “If you see the shelf forming, that’s the dam. You have to be worried.”

When ice builds up, it backs up and leaks into the house where there’s poor insulation. For Clermont, that area was near the attic.

“And some windows upstairs were leaking,” she said. “Got inside of the walls somewhere and then coming through the cracks of the perimeter of the windows.”

“Once that water and snow underneath starts to melt, it comes down; it has nowhere to go,” Fuller said. “Now we have an ice dam.”

Fuller said the trouble isn’t over for homeowners. More problems could be on the way with another bitter cold snap hitting the Capital Region by the end of the week.

“That’s going to allow us to jump ahead of it,” he said. “Because now it’s going to freeze. Hopefully without the bitter cold temperatures it’ll allow that freeze. Once that melts, though, then we’re really going to have the problem. So that’s going to give us the day where it’s going to freeze up all that standing water until it starts to warm up, and then we’re in trouble again.”

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