Local boxers win national champions title

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two local boxers became silver gloves national champions over the weekend.

Boxing has a rich history in the Capital Region, but these days, it’s hard to tell.

“The MMA has taken its toll on the boxing game,” Vincent Kittle said. “It was new. It was hot. It was exciting.”

But Kittle, president of Schenectady Youth Boxing and Fitness, said boxing is back on the rise, and the Ring of Hope Boxing Club is proof of it.

Over the weekend, 15-year-old Jah-yae Brown and Nasir Mayfield competed in the USA National Silver Glover Championship and won national titles.

“And then they said, ‘Out of the red corner Jah-yae Brown,’” Brown recalled. “I just give all the glory to God.”

It was the first Silver Glovers title for Brown and the second for Mayfield.

“You know, the first thing I thought of was coming back to the gym and working out,” Mayfield said. “Like when we got back I didn’t even go home. I got dropped off at the gym. Ben made me go home and see my family. I just – I don’t know – this is like my home.”

It’s a home that keeps them off the streets and allows them to set a positive example in the community.

“Usually when people hear Schenectady they associate it with violence and gangs and stuff,” Mayfield said. “I want to present a positive image.”

And nothing is more positive than showing their peers hard work, and that they can live like champions, too.

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