Gloversville mayor calls for help to rid city of snowbanks

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. – The Gloversville mayor wants to call in back up to help bring down the massive snowbanks around the city.

Mayor Dayton King asked the city council to consider bringing in private contractors to help get the job done. He called the snow banks a safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians and thinks the Department of Public Works could use help getting rid of them.

But according to some council members, the mayor’s proposal is a waste of money.

“DPW is able to do the job once the plowing is done,” Councilwoman Robin Wentworth said. “They have the equipment. I actually spoke to the DPW director this afternoon. He has a plan. He asked the police and fire departments for a list of priority streets that need to be widened. We deal with this every year.”

The city council is still going to look into the mayor’s plan, but it’s still unclear if it will in fact move forward.

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