2/10 Pet Connection: Cabot

Cabot is a Bassett/lab mix, male, 1 year, ~30 lbs.

So, there is this dog, see, who recently moved to New York from Georgia. His name is CABOT. He does not look like just any dog. Cabot looks like a lot of dogs! He has the legs of a Basset Hound, the body of a Dachshund, and the head of a terrier (we think!) CABOT is splotchy black with brilliant white areas mixed in, and a skunk-ey stripe down right the middle of his little black head! CABOT is a youngster, probably not even a year old. He likes to be held once he is gently in your arms. And he sure loves to be in your lap, or cuddle up close, so he can fall fast asleep. Young or old, all laps are created equal in his book! CABOT is a quiet little dog. He may bark for a few minutes when you put him in his crate at night, or when you leave the house, but then he settles down for a highly satisfying sleep. CABOT loves to sleep. He also enjoys lying on his bed while in the kitchen with his foster family. Playing with his foster brother is great, too. Tug of war, chase, tumbling and chewing on bones are some of his favorite games to play with his new buddy. CABOT is learning new tricks, like sit and stay, and to only pee outside. He needs to go out every hour or so, just to make sure he learns good manners! CABOT gets along very well with the kids in his foster home, and their friends, too. He doesn’t even chew their toys! All the friends want to bring him home. So if you are interested in meeting Cabot, you had better be quick! Word is sure to spread about this special little transplant from the Peach State! He is one of those guys who just has to follow his nose when he catches a scent, so a fenced-in yard is best for him.

Peppertree Rescue 435-7425

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