Final list of Albany red light camera locations announced

ALBANY, N.Y. – After months of speculation, a list of locations for Albany’s 20 red light cameras has been released.

The city has proposed installing 20 cameras, and turned to the public for input on which intersections should get them.

Input from residents like Jonathan Capra.

“I want to make sure these aren’t going to snag safe drivers,” said Jonathan Capra of the No Albany Red Light Cameras group.

Officials have been working to collect data on the intersections before reaching any final decisions. Albany Police say they hit it out of the park as they presented the final 20 intersections at Friday’s Traffic Safety Stakeholders Committee meeting. Authorities say the finalized list came after reviewing the number and cause of crashes at the intersections.

According to the Deputy Police Chief Brendan Cox, every ticket will be independently verified by an Albany Police officer before issued.

“We will have a police officer who will be the one that will certify whether or not somebody receives a citation that’s going to be the same level of proof that they’re going to do if they would have written someone a traffic ticket,” he said.

Cox gives the example of turning left on a green light. He says the law dictates that you pull into an intersection before making a left turn, and if the light turns red while you wait, you will not receive a ticket for turning.

Blaise Bryant says crossing Albany streets can be pretty treacherous when you are visually impaired, so treacherous he got Flash to keep him safe.

“The dog has eyes; the cane does not,” said Bryant.

In fact, the Albany resident says he was almost hit on the corner of Washington and Quail a few months ago, by a driver running the light.

“I’m optimistic that these red light cameras are going to help,” said Bryant.

Red Light Intersections:

  • Second Avenue & Frisbee Avenue
  • Madison Avenue & South Pearl Street
  • Delaware Avenue, Holland Avenue & Morton Avenue
  • Lark Street, Madison Avenue & Delaware Avenue
  • New Scotland Avenue & Ontario Street
  • Madison Avenue & New Scotland Avenue
  • Central Avenue & Henry Johnson Boulevard
  • Henry Johnson & Clinton Avenue
  • Washington Avenue & Quail Street
  • Central Avenue & Quail Street
  • Northern Boulevard & Shaker Road
  • Madison Avenue & North Main Avenue
  • Madison Avenue & Quail Street
  • Washington Avenue & North Main Avenue
  • Central Avenue & Colvin Avenue
  • Western Avenue & Brevator Street
  • Russel Road & Western Avenue
  • New Scotland & Manning Boulevard

Albany red light camera locations 2/6/15

Although city officials say the cameras will increase safety, some fear it will actually do the opposite, and see it as a way for the city to make money.

Cox says the bid proposal requests closed last week, and that five companies will give bid presentations to an internal committee February 23.

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