Columbia Co. dispatcher helps father deliver baby over phone

CLAVERACK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A home delivery no one was expecting.

A couple in Claverack said they were planning on having their second baby in a hospital. But after mom’s water broke at home, baby Jace didn’t want to wait.

“We called the doctor, and they said, ‘Oh well, it’s probably going to take a while, so just wait it out at home,’” mom Samantha Eschberger said. “And we waited it out, and like I said, an hour and 15 minutes later it was time.”

That’s when Samantha’s husband, Frank, called 911.

Using computerized emergency medical dispatch software, the dispatcher walked Frank through the process of delivering his own baby. Frank said he didn’t have time to be nervous.

“I was more focused on what he was saying and trying to follow directions, so I didn’t mess anything up because I have, like, no medical experience,” he said.

Frank said he and Samantha were signed up for a birthing class the week prior to Jace’s arrive, but it was cancelled.

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