Video appears to show fight at local mall

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. — A local man has posted a video to Facebook that shows a fight at a local mall.

In the video, those involved appear to pick up whatever isn’t nailed down and throw it at one another. Mall employees said it happened Tuesday, February 3 at about 8 p.m.

The Guilderland Police Department says it isn’t handling the case because it was never alerted to it. They said mall security is looking into it and said the mall is private property, meaning they don’t have to call authorities.

“It’s dangerous to be throwing things around or having any type, this type of activity. So should we have been called? We probably should have been,” Captain Curtis Cox of Guilderland PD said. “And then we could have determined whether or not it was criminal activity or exactly what they were doing.”

But at what point does a situation escalate from being a matter of mall security to something the police department would become involved in?

“Each case is individual. It depends on the circumstances,” Cox said. “If they feel that people were in danger then that might be a choice they make to call us. If there was property damage that might be a choice where they call us.”

NEWS10 reporter Amy Cutler reached out to Crossgates Mall for comment and was told they would not be answering any questions and asked to leave the property.

Guilderland police said if they were investigating the alleged incident, those involved could face charges of disorderly conduct or reckless endangerment.

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