Former Siena baseball star scores half-court shot

ALBANY, N.Y. – A former Siena Saints shortstop won a cruise vacation after sinking a half-court shot at the Times Union Center.

As a senior, Vinny Citro was heralded by baseball head coach Tony Rossi as the player who offensively carried the team the last third of the season on their way to winning the NCAA tournament.

But Citro was also a former high school hoopster. He had the chance to hit the big stage on Monday night where he sunk a half-court shot to win a cruise.

Because of the snow storm, the TU Center wasn’t packed, and coaches told the baseball team to stay home, so none of Citro’s teammates saw it happen but they heard about it soon after.

“We got a call from Vinny saying that he hit the half-court shot and that he won, like, a cruise,” Justin Esquerra said. “At first we didn’t believe him. We thought he was making it up. Then we checked on Twitter, saw the update, we all got pumped, and watched the video.”

“When he made that shot, that’s all he cared about believe it or not,” Tony Rossi said. “I don’t think he cares about the cruise. The face he made it in that situation, jumped on the table, I think he’s pumped because of that. Everything else is gravy.”

Citro gets to plan a Yankee Trails cruise for two anywhere he wants as long as it leaves from New York.

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