Locals participate in Saratoga Chowder Fest despite cold weather

SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The cold weather created the perfect environment for the 17th Annual Chowder Fest in Saratoga on Saturday.

Dozens of vendors set up shop for the bundled masses to enjoy a bowl of piping hot chowder. Whether it was New England or Manhattan style, they both did the trick.

“It’s a little chilly today. I think some warm chowder and a nice beverage will help warm things up,” said Todd Garofano, Saratoga Convention Tourist Bureau.

Hundreds walked around Saratoga with cups in hand, ready to be filled with piping hot tasty chowder.

“I like the sweet corn and potato chowder, it’s just a classic,” said vendor Lindsay Shoen.

The event also helps local business’ bottom line.

“The chowder fest and events like it were born to bring economic activity to downtown in these months.

Sixteen years ago we started with couple crock pots of chowder and a few hundred people,” said Garafano.

This year’s event consisted of more than 90 restaurants serving up their chowder samples to thousands of people

“We are a community that gets together to have a lot of fun in the winter. It makes the best of our down season,” said Shoen.

At the end of the day, people were able to vote on their favorite chowder, giving the winning restaurant their bragging rights.

Last year 30,000 people attended and sampled over 130,000 servings of chowder.

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