Reports claim state senate majority leader under investigation

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Reports were released on Friday that claim the New York State Senate Majority Leader is under investigation.

It’s been a tough week at the Capitol. Longtime Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is facing federal corruption charges, and the leadership of the assembly is still to be determined. Now multiple reports out of New York City reveal that Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is being investigated by federal authorities.

The senate chambers were empty on Friday. The door to Skelos’ office was closed. Reports claim authorities are investigating Skelos’ outside income.

NEWS 10 ABC called the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan for comment. They said they could neither confirm nor deny the investigation. NEWS10 ABC also reached out to Skelos’ office. They declined a request for an interview.

Skelos’ office said in a statement: “Last night’s thinly-sourced report by WNBC is irresponsible, and does not meet the standards of serious journalism. Senator Skelos has not been contacted by anyone from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. As such we won’t be commenting further.”

The reports only state an investigation into Skelos’ dealing. It is unsure what, if any charges could follow.

Barbara Bartoletti with the League of Women Voters was quick to point out that Skelos, much like Speaker Silver, is a practicing attorney. Silver was arrested January 22 following a months-long investigation by federal authorities. Silver has been accused of using his position to make himself millions.

“If they were looking at Speaker Silver’s ourside income – and we know he had a large amount of outside income – you also have to look at Mr. Skelos who is of counsel to a law firm in Nassau County,” Bartoletti said. “And he has not as large, certainly as the Speaker, but he has a good amount of outside income.”

Federal investigations can take weeks or even months. Skelos is due back at the Capitol on Monday.

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