Calling hours held for local toddler who died after alleged abuse in North Carolina

HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. — Calling hours will be held Friday for a toddler born in Washington County, who police say was killed by his mother’s boyfriend in North Carolina.

Brayden Ray was born in Glens Falls, but his mother, 33-year-old Angel Ray, and her boyfriend, 35-year-old Albert David Morgan III, had recently moved from the Glens Falls and Fort Edward area to North Carolina.

On January 15, Ray called 911 as she rushed her 14-month-old son to the hospital. Audio from the 911 call indicates Ray told the dispatcher Brayden had stopped breathing after he fell off her bed and landed head first.

Emergency crews met Ray and rushed Brayden to the hospital barely clinging to life. Police said detectives responded to the hospital where the baby was taken and determined his injuries were from abuse and not falling off a bed.

Angel Ray
Angel Ray
Albert Morgan III
Albert Morgan III

Morgan was charged with Intentional Child Abuse, and Ray was charged as an accessory. She has been accused of lying to police about how the baby was hurt. The arrest warrant states Morgan was providing care for the infant when the injuries occurred.

Brayden’s father Craig Brown says his ex- girlfriend, Ray, had custody of the toddler. Brown says he knew nothing of Ray’s new boyfriend, Albert Morgan.

As soon as he learned Braydon was seriously injured, Brown drove down to North Carolina — and he made it there in time.

“I was lucky enough that God gave me the opportunity to get down there and be with him. To hold him, just one more last time,” he said.

Services will be at the Carleton Funeral Home in Hudson Falls, starting at 4 p.m.

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