Milton unveils plans for disability-accessible playground

MILTON, N.Y. – The Town of Milton plans to build a playground that can be equally shared between children with and without disabilities.

Town officials have designated a site at Burgess Kimball Memorial Park where a playground for everyone will be built.

Krystyn LaBate is the president and CEO of Cortical Malformation & Cephalic Disorder (CMCD) Foundation. She always assumed equal opportunities existed for children with and without disabilities.

“My view on the world over the past two and a half years has completely changed,” she said.

LaBate’s son Giovanni was born nearly three years ago with two rare neurological conditions.

“We’re facing challenges every day,” she said. “My son particularly has eight therapies a week that he has to attend.”

LaBate began CMCD six months ago. The non-profit is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those affected by the disease, including trying to build a playground for children with and without disabilities to share.

Coincidentally, Milton Town Supervisor Dan Lewza said the town has been looking to do the same thing over the last three years. The town put forth $175,000 for equipment in 2014. GameTime, whose equipment is being used for the playground, also put forth $170,000 of its own money. CMCD is also promising to raise an additional $50,000.

“We’re looking out for the children; not just of this community but Saratoga County and for the Capital Region,” Lewza said. “Because this is the first unique playground of this caliber.”

“Anything that can be done to normalize the lives of these children and give them the opportunities that typically developing children have – it’s great in my book,” LaBate said.

Lewza said he expects the town to break ground in May, and hopefully, have everything complete by July.

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