Lady Danes dominate in defense

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Lady Danes hold a 52-3 record against conference opponents in the last four seasons.

Their dominance starts with defense. They’ve forced their opponents to commit and average of 19 turnovers per game this year.

A large amount of the turnovers came from their full-court press, a system Coach Abe implemented when she got to UAlbany. It’s proven to be successful over time, and it’s getting better as the season goes.

“We have been understanding our roles a lot better,” forward Shereesha Richards said. “Like, T-Jo coming out when she’s supposed to; me going up to trap, and we’ve been doing a good job of focusing on the little detailed things.”

“All those things that didn’t work against those really tough teams are really starting to work now, and it’s great,” guard Sarah Royals said. “We feed off the energy when we get a turnover, and then it leads to more, and we just feed off the energy.”

The Lady Danes will play UMBC at noon on Thursday.

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