Glenville Police arrest man allegedly impersonating DEA agent

GLENVILLE, N.Y. – Glenville Police have arrested a local man for impersonating a federal agent, his alleged deception only coming to light when he tried to fix a ticket.

Kevin Daley, 36, was arrested on Sunday after police say he had identified himself as a federal DEA Agent to an acquaintance.

Kevin Daley
Kevin Daley

Daley was revealed as a fraud after the acquaintance asked him to fix a minor traffic ticket by signing a State DMV Correction form, according to police.

NEWS10 ABC spoke with the acquaintance, who says he only found out Daley wasn’t who he said he was, when the traffic ticket raised flags with officials with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Glenville Police say Daley was charged with criminal impersonation of a federal officer in the first degree as well as forgery in the second degree. Both are felonies.

Daley’s neighbors say they are shocked by the arrest.

“That’s crazy! I actually felt safer knowing I had a policeman in the building,” said Jacqueline Ruscitto.

Glenville Police say they found several badges with Daley, and they don’t know what kind of other contact he may have had with the public.

If you have any concerns regarding Kevin Daley, you are asked to call the Glenville Police.

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