Woman accused in road rage incident told police she was concerned by the driver’s driving

The bus driver snapped a photograph of the Lexus and the license plate number.

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. — A Guilderland driver facing charges over an alleged road rage incident that police say involved a school bus, allegedly told authorities she was actually concerned for the children on the bus.

Guilderland Police say Beth Aviza, 52, was arrested after the incident Monday morning, where she allegedly used her Lexus to cut off an occupied school bus.

Beth Aviza (Guilderland PD)
Beth Aviza (Guilderland PD)

“She came up on his side path, passed him on the left-hand side, and then pulled in front of the bus – forcing him to stop abruptly. Then she got out of her car and went up to the bus doors, and was banging and pulling on them to get them to open. In the process she damaged the doors to the bus,” said Guilderland Police Chief Carol Lawlor.

The four children on the bus and the driver were not injured, but the driver snapped a photograph of the Lexus, and the license plate number. Police say they picked up Aviza, who told them a very different story.

“She felt that the bus cut her off,” said Lawlor. “She was concerned for the kids because of the way the driver was driving.”

Aviza is facing a number of misdemeanor charges, including endangerment and criminal mischief. She is due in court in February.

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