Two accused of breaking windows of Cohoes homes and businesses

Garner, Bridger

COHOES, N.Y. – The Cohoes Police Department has arrested two people for three counts of felony criminal mischief in the third degree.

Police say Jeremy Garner, 27, and Derek J. Bridger II, 31, were arrested on Friday.

According to authorities, there have been several reports of windows being broken, including the windows of area businesses and residences. Leads were developed through surveillance footage from the businesses and commonalities were found at several scenes. Every window was broken by a projectile hitting the window at high speed. 

A suspect vehicle was located by patrol, which lead to Garner and Bridger being identified.

The suspects allegedly admitted to their involvement in the crimes. Police say the suspects would drive through Cohoes in their work van and fire projectiles out of the moving vehicle at random windows, causing damage to the glass.

Both Garner and Bridger were charged and arraigned in Cohoes City Court.

The Cohoes Police Department is asking that anyone with information about the case, or a damaged window that has yet to be reported to the police, contact the Cohoes Detectives at (518) 233-2146, the Cohoes Police Department at (518) 237-5333 or the Crime Tips Line at (518) 233-2161.

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