Troy PD continue to investigate Kokopelli’s shooting

TROY, N.Y. – Police say the owners of a Troy bar are not being cooperative after a shooting took place inside on Sunday.

Troy bar Kokopelli’s closed at the end of 2014, but police said the owners hosted a private party there over the weekend. A man in his mid-thirties was shot in the thigh just after 2 a.m. Sunday, according to police.

“He was rushed by private vehicle to Saint Mary’s Hospital and was treated,” Troy Police Captain Dan DeWolf said. “He’s since been released. He’s recovering well.”

The man was taken to the hospital by private vehicle because authorities said they weren’t alerted to the shooting for at least an hour after it happened.

A sign outside Kokopelli's referencing its closure. (NEWS10 ABC)
A sign outside Kokopelli’s referencing its closure. (NEWS10 ABC)

Police said the party was a “clean-up” party. Between 20 and 30 people were in attendance, including the co-owner Joe Glick.

“They’ve been pretty cooperative in the investigation except for Mr. Glick who was also present when this occurred,” DeWolf said. “He has since asked for a lawyer and hasn’t cooperated much with the investigation.”

A sign on the door of the Fourth Street bar reads the following:

“Kokopelli’s closed as a result of an incident that occurred in January 2014 in which the Troy Police Department brutally beat a patron for no reason…Owners Barry and Joe Glick spoke out against the Troy Police Department…They felt they have been targeted and harassed.”

“It’s been reviewed by us. It’s been reviewed by a multitude of people,” DeWolf said. “It just isn’t the case.”

NEWS10 reached out to both Barry and Joe Glick for comment, but they declined.

DeWolf said the private party was legal as long as the owners didn’t charge those attending for the drinks.

“There was a gathering there, and that was it pretty much,” he said. “There was no as though you were going to go up to the bar. That wasn’t the case, so it was a closed gathering.”

Police recovered a gun during their search on Sunday, but it was unclear if it was used in the shooting. No one has been arrested in the incident.

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