Local winterization expert skeptical of winter weather hacks


ALBANY, N.Y. – A local expert on winterizing your home debunks common winter weather hacks found online.

Bill Swartz owns an Ace Hardware store in Guilderland. He is an expert on how to winterize homes. Swartz is skeptical of several winter weather hacks found on the internet and warns home and car owners there are no easy short cuts.

One common hack is to place a sock on wiper blades, so snow won’t stick. But Swartz said that may pose a problem later.

“Snow is wet,” he said. “When the socks become wet, they’re going to freeze. Now you have a big block of ice sitting in your windshield.”

Another winter hack is creating your own washer fluid from a recipe that includes dish detergent, water and rubbing alcohol.

“Streaking effects are possible on your windshield,” Swartz said. “You start making your own, you don’t know what’s going to happen in your car.”

There’s also a recipe that claims it will keep walkways from freezing by using similar ingredients and a gallon of water, but Swartz said that may cause problems.

“If it’s incorrect and you have too much water, it’s going to refreeze and what freezing temperature is that gonna be good down to?” he said.

One good hack is to use kitty litter for traction on tires to get moving in the snow. Another strange hack is to spray WD-40 in car locks. Some say it’ll help from freezing, but Swartz was skeptical.

“WD-40 is a water displacement,” he said. “It’s not a deicing formula. If you wanna save a couple of dollars you can definitely try. Just be careful what you’re doing so you don’t damage the thing you’re trying it with.”

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