1/12 Pet Connection: Reggie

Reggie is a nine and a half-year-old miniature pinscher.

I came to the shelter when my family got busy and didn’t have enough time for me. I am mostly house trained. I accidentally urinated in one spot if I had to go and wasn’t able to get out in time. This may be because I had previously been pee pad trained. I promise to try harder.

I am energetic for a senior dog. I love to go for walks, but I do get cold quickly in frigid conditions. I don’t mind sporting a jacket or sweater. I love my food and treats, but I haven’t conquered all of the typical doggie commands.

I would do best in an adult household. I am sensitive to some handling; no hugs and squeezes, please. Petting and attention is what I adore. I do love to hang out with people and alert them when there are people or animals nearby. I enjoy car rides. Maybe an active senior or couple could take me home?

Berkshire Humane Society 413-447-7878

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