Governor Charlie Baker spends his weekend touring Massachusetts

MASSACHUSETTS – Newly sworn-in Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has made his first official trip since being elected to the Berkshires. On Saturday, the governor and Liutenant Governor visited the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art for their spotlight on excellence tour.

Governor Charlie Baker didn’t waste any time, as he visited an area of the state that opted to mostly vote for his democratic opponent Martha Coakley.

“Receptions been admittedly good, we’re sort of the new kids on the block,” said Governor Baker.

The governor made it clear while touring the Mass Moca in North Adams, that he represents the entire common wealth, and not just big populated cities like Boston.

Karyn and I have tried very hard to make ourselves available throughout the commonwealth,” said Governor Baker.

“I’m not from Boston, I know communities outside and what the western area needs,” said Karyn Polito, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.

The inaugural tour is meant to highlight how communities in the area have boosted job creation, come up with innovative solutions, and to strengthen the state in the midst of new challenges.

The governor pegged the deficit for this fiscal year at about 320 million. Just this week , Baker ordered an immediate hiring freeze across state government to reduce that deficit.

“You don’t really get a sense of what’s on people’s minds unless you’re out there talking to them all the time. They’ll make their own call on whether were paying attention the way we should,” Governor Baker said.

After the pair visited Mass Moca they made their way to Soldier On, United Veterans of America in Pittsfield.

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