Police: Gloversville City Hall reopened after ‘suspicious circumstance’

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. – Gloversville City Hall has reopened after being closed Friday morning as police investigated a suspicious circumstance.

Police say that at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, 29-year-old Jordan Polk turned over two bags of crack cocaine and two bundles of heroin to the Gloversville Police Department and asked to be arrested.

Polk, Jordan

At this time, Polk told police that he had parked his car in the department parking lot and turned over the keys to the vehicle. Police say Polk stated that they could search his car, but he refused to accompany them.

As Polk was interviewed by detectives, police say he indicated that he was very dissatisfied with society and government.

“He said that it was basically because he was sick of society,” Det. Sgt. Mike Tory said. “He’s done with the games. He’s sick of the streets.”

When police looked into his past, they say they found some alarming factors.

“It’s more the affiliation with local street gangs from the Baltimore area who have targeted law enforcement in the past down there, and unfortunately, this incident was very similar to an incident that took place in Baltimore,” Gloversville Police Chief Donald Vandeusen said.

Although Polk made no threats to anyone, police took precautions before the search of his vehicle.

“We’re always going to air on the side of caution,” Vandeusen said. “When an individual indicates that we’re free to search his vehicle, yet he doesn’t want to be anywhere near it, it sends up a red flag to us that we have to do something differently.”

The bomb squad was called to aid state police and Gloversville police to investigate the vehicle. They found no explosives and no bombs.

Polk is facing felony drug charges.

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