Former property manager accused of stealing $24,000 in rent checks, money orders

Alla Arcuri (NYSP)

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. – State Police are releasing more details about how a former Clifton Park Property Manager stole thousands of dollars in rent money.

On Wednesday, State Police arrested 50-year-old Alla Arcuri of Castleton-on-Hudson. Police say Arcuri stole more than $24,000 in tenant’s rent checks and money orders during her time as property manager at London Square Apartments in Clifton Park.

Tenant Dr. Michael Stanford says he was shocked to hear about the accusations.

“I’ve met her. I’ve seen her several times before. She seems like a pretty decent woman,” he explained.

Police say Arcuri tried to hide the theft by adding false credits to tenants’ accounts. Investigator Matthew Britten says the way some tenants paid their rent made it easier for Arcuri to steal the money.

“It was mostly money orders, and the money orders did not have a name on them, so what she would do is put her initials on them deposit them into her own account,” he said.

Dr. Stanford said he himself didn’t completely address his rent payments.

“They basically fill in the rest,” he said.

He then explained why.

“Generally, that is I think practiced by a lot of the residents here because of the fact that we think that the people who are the managers taking care of the rent are pretty straight up and fair,” he said.

NEWS10ABC reached out to Arcuri at her home, but there was no answer.

Police are still working to find the money that Arcuri allegedly stole.

“That’s a question for her what she’s done with it,” Britten said. “We’re still working on that end,.”

Arcuri pleaded not guilty to Grand Larceny and Falsifying Records. She posted $2,500 bail.

Management at London Square Apartments declined to comment on the matter on Friday.

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