Amputees bring positive spirit to Wounded Warrior skiing event

WINDHAM, N.Y. – The 11th annual Wounded Warrior “Learn to Ride and Ski” event is taking place at the Windham Mountain Resort this weekend.

The event is all about our active and retired service men and women getting outside and spending time with their families

The Adaptive Sports Foundation partnered up with the Wounded Warrior Project to help get past and present heroes to the mountain.amputeeagain

“I didn’t lose enough weight overseas in the heat in Baghdad, so they detonated a road side bomb next to me. I just went from there and I get great parking, can’t complain,” joked Iraq War Veteran Jeff Adams.

It is that kind of positive attitude that Adams brings that makes the annual Wounded Warrior Learn to Ride and Ski event so memorable.

“We leave two tracks going down with two guys. It’s just a little weird looking,” Adams joked.

Instructor Anthony Favia, who is also an amputee, lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. He hit the slopes with Jeff Adams on Friday, proving that life doesn’t end when you lose a leg.

“Well, the way I saw it, there was no other option. I mean, what are you gonna do? Sit in the corner and cry? My leg’s not going to grow back, I’m not a lizard,” said Adams.

“You find the silver lining in things when things happen. And this is mine. I love this place, said Favia.

One reason Adams and Favia say they love this yearly program is because it gives retired and active military the opportunity to assist one another.

“It’s the comradery. You know you come here and you get to see other vets. Other people with disabilities. And when you’re home, you don’t know anybody else that’s missing a leg,” said Adams.

Both Adams and Favia say that the Wounded Warrior event gives them the confidence to keep pushing forward.

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