Goats eat old Christmas trees on North Adams farm

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. – A North Adams farm has figured out a way to get rid of old Christmas trees that is good for the environment.

Mountain Girl Farm in North Adams provides a service that feeds old Christmas trees to goats.

“Someone offered to drop off their Christmas tree and another person did and another person did, and it just kinda grew from there,” owner Kate Barbeau said. “Coco loves them. She loves hers and has one in her stall now. They love ‘em. They’re just a good little snack.”

Barbeau raises ten goats on her six acres farm with her mother.

“They get one or two a week mainly,” she described. “But they love them. Makes their lips all sappy. They’re cute.”

And it’s not just the needles the goats enjoy. They strip a tree clean by the end of the night.

“By the end, all that’s left is the trunk, and there’s no bark left on it,” Barbeau said.

But when the goats tried to eat a NEWS10 camera, Barbeau assured they come in peace.

“They’re super friendly,” she said. “They love to be loved. They’ll sit right on your lap and curl up next to you. They’re just the most friendly things you could meet.”

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