Heartbroken community says final goodbyes to Kenneth White

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. – During the funeral service for 5-year-old Kenneth White, his family described him as a quiet boy who loved Spaghettios and Spider-Man, but family members were not the only ones who showed up. Even strangers came to say goodbye.

Fred Braender, member of the Over The Hill Gang (OTHG) says the death of Kenneth White affected him and his family.

“We live in that area. We live like fifteen miles away, so it’s definitely a little close to home,” said Braender.

Fred Braender and his fellow Over the Hill Gang Bike Club members gathered outside the Riley Mortuary in Amsterdam while loved ones paid their respects to 5-year-old Kenneth White inside. According to police, Kenneth was strangled and beaten to death by his 19-year-old cousin, Tiffany Vanalstyne.

“It’s about the kid. He’s five-years-old. He doesn’t deserve to be in that casket lying inside and that’s what we’re standing for,” said Braender.

Kenneth’s family was also present at his final memorial. His father, Jason White and mother, Christine White walked out together guiding his casket. The two did not have custody of Kenneth at the time of his murder.

Inside Kenneth’s services, Jason White said he wished Kenneth could understand why he wasn’t there to hug him and care for him, but said he will always be there for his son.

The death of Kenneth White, the little boy who loved Spider-Man, touched the hearts of many. Even those who did not know him came to say goodbye.

“How bad it makes you feel you know, I hoped I would never have to see something like this. As for Kenneth, I’m sure he’ll be well in heaven and want his family to stay strong,” said Emilio Ramos from Amsterdam.

During the services, Kenneth’s Dad asked people to pray for all of his children including Kenneth’s siblings.

If you’d like to donate you can still give at the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

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