Vacant foreclosed home intentionally set on fire in Lansingburgh

TROY, N.Y. – Firefighters say another vacant house fire in the city is being deemed suspicious.

Assistant Fire Chief James Hughs for the Troy Fire Department says the call came in Saturday around 4a.m. for a possible structure fire on 3rd Avenue.

When officials arrived, they discovered the fire had started in the back of the building and progressed up to the 3rd floor.

Hughs says the building is very unsafe, and officials were struggling to get back into the house to knock down hot spots. He also says the fire was similar to the other vacant house fires that have recently broken out in the city.

“It does appear to be the same pattern we’ve had in the past in the ‘Burgh. We’re early in the investigation, but it does appear to be a similar method of operation at this point in time,” said Hughs.

The house is vacant and in foreclosure, which gave someone an opportunity to start a fire. Therefore, the fire is being deemed suspicious and police are looking for a suspect.

There were no injuries during the fire.

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