Traveling to be with loved ones for the holidays

COLONIE N.Y. – Right off the plane and into the arms of a loved one.

These are great moments at the airport. The true meaning of this holiday season. The chance for families to be together.

Jordan Barash is in the Marine Corp. The Albany native has spent most of the last eight months training, away from his family.

“Over time it builds up a little, you want to go home. And when it finally happens it’s just a great feeling,” said Barash.

“They’re gone and ya miss him. And they don’t get a lot of contact time when they’re there. So you get brief texts, quick calls,” said Barash’s mother.

Brash said while being home he is most looking forward to sleeping in his own bed and being around family.

A couple for friends reunited at the airports Wednesday evening as well.

Hilary Williams flew in from North Carolina to spend Christmas Eve with a friend, despite the brief 15 hours she will be spending with her friend in Albany.

Williams “I haven’t seen her in a number of years and we grew up together so I wanted to come and be here to see the family.”

“We’ve both had a horrific year with terrible losses. And so this is a treat,” said Sharon Hatte- Squiers , friend of Hilary Williams.

The real treat for the two will be Christmas Day when the two fly down to Jamaica together.

Even though working holidays is less than ideal, employees at the Albany International Airport say they don’t mind because it means they are helping others be with their loved ones.

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