Three local theaters will show ‘The Interview’

HUDSON N.Y. – Three theaters in the Capital Region will be showing the controversial movie “The Interview.”

Sony pictures announced it would release the film in selected theaters, just days after shelving the picture following threats.

The fictional story centers on plans to assassinate North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un.

As part of a massive cyber-attack, hackers threatened the theaters showing the movie and those who’d turn out to see it.

In a last minute move hundreds of independent theaters called that bluff, deciding to show the movie.

Dozens turned out to view movie at the Movieplex 8 in Hudson for its 10 p.m. release on Christmas Day.

The owners of theater cited freedom of speech as one of the reason they chose to show the movie. The Movieplex8 offered a free medium popcorn to anyone who brought a copy of the constitution with them.

“We do have free speech, but it does make me a little nervous, “said the Movieplex8 Manager Marta Wilkinson.

Wilkinson and a few of her coworkers were apprehensive about showing the film. The manager told NEWS10 ABC that the FBI called the theater Wednesday to address any concerns, explaining they had no credible threats.

Movieplex 8 says they received a hard drive with the movie on it Wednesday. From the hard drive the movie was downloaded onto the theaters projector.

“I’m glad that they did it. I don’t have any concerns. I think it’s just a bluff,” said Margaret Morris of Hudson.

Officials say 18 theaters across the state and about 200 theatres nationwide will be showing the film, which is also available on YouTube for rent or purchase.

The film will play at three local theaters. The Hudson Movieplex 8 in Hudson, N.Y. will show the film on Christmas Day. North Adams Movieplex 8 in Massachusetts will begin showing the film on Friday. The Orpheum Theatre in Saugerties, N.Y. will also being showing the film on Friday

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