Boston man swims entire length of Mohawk River

TROY, N.Y. — Christopher Swain is now the first person to swim the entire length of the Mohawk River. The 46-year-old Boston resident started on October 20 in the shallow headwaters in central New York.

He did the trip in segments, with the longest taking close to 9 hours.

And he finished today in Troy.

The environmental educator, swimmer and teacher says he did it to raise awareness of its value and the need for protection.

“I’m here to say, the hope of this swim was to put the Mohawk squarely in the public eye and try to make it more friends. Say get out there! Swim the Mohawk, fish the Mohawk, paddle the Mohawk, swim the Mohawk get to know this river, it’s incredibly beautiful and it defines who we are in New York State.”

Swain also swam the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest. And in the northeast, the Charles and Hudson rivers and Lake Champlain, all to support clean, swimmable water.

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