Families begin to move forward after devastating fire

GUILDERLAND N.Y. – Last weekend a Guilderland apartment building went up in flames, leaving four families without a home in the middle of the holiday season.

The apartment was charred and gutted by a striking fire that occurred days before Christmas.

Wednesday afternoon families went back to the scene to look at what remains.

“My family is safe, I have God above me,” said Syaed Qusem.

Syaed Qusem is the father of three year old Erfan Qasem. Erfan Qasem was most looking forward to his birthday that is several days away.

“My pride possession was saved that all I care about,” Syaed Qusem said referring to his son.

Other families who lived in the apartment worked to still celebrate Christmas despite losing everything in the fire.

People have stepped in to help the victims by donating money and furniture.

The Guilderland Fire Department, who responded to the fire, also made contributions the victims.

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